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M.C. Richards: The Fire Within

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Image of M.C. Richards holding a ceramic pot.
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M.C. Richards: The Fire Within
A love poet’s adventure into the source of our creativity – the life and art of inspired artist, teacher, and author – Mary Caroline Richards (1916-1999).

"An inspiring film about a brilliant teacher and artist."
Arthur Penn, director

"This articulately perceptive film brings her close again, makes clear with all her unaggressive power that art is a gate, not a product, wisdom a source, not a judgment."
Robert Creeley, poet

"Unexpectedly moving"
Anne Fabbri, art critic/curator

"... A challenge to the very assumptions about
how we 'author' our lives."

Mary Emma Harris, author, The Art of Black Mountain College

"One of the most validating descriptions of people
with special needs ... I have ever witnessed."

Clemens Pietzner, former Exec. Director, Camphill Foundation

“Richards seems to radiate life. Her indomitable
spirit … is at the core of the film.”

FOUR STARS, Ken Henke, Mountain Xpress , Asheville, NC

"Unforgettable … in its simplicity and complexity."
Michael Rumaker, author, Black Mountain Days

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