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Projects In Development Seeking Funds: The Ocean Energy Film Project

History of the Project and Its Funding

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The Ocean Energy Film Project is a film about the development of wind power in the Gulf of Maine and surrounding coastal communities.

Seed funds for this project have been granted by the Maine Community Foundation.

This film will ask the questions: How dangerous is Maine’s dependence on fossil fuels? economically? environmentally?

What kind of social dislocation can we expect if we do nothing to curb our energy appetite?

What are the problems we are discovering with wind power on land?

Can we generate enough power? At what cost? Who gains? Who loses?

Can we construct deep-water platforms in the Gulf of Maine that will withstand the adverse conditions?
What do we need to do to transmit power generated 20-30 miles out in the Gulf?
What might the environmental impacts be?
Would the fishing industry be adversely affected?
Can we afford to do this?
Can we afford NOT to do this?

In tandem is an effort on the part of the composites industry to raise the level of awareness of the need for education and innovation in this field that could potentially create many jobs.

Their industry Alliance is leading an effort to create a high school competition, the Maine Wind Blade Challenge, in which students work in teams to design the most effective wind blades which then compete at the University of Maine Center for Advanced Composites and Structures.

The film’s purpose is to increase public knowledge about renewable energy and the trade offs regarding climate change, the environment and energy.

Central to the film is the question – What is in the public interest? How can that interest be met? What is the role of private investment? Through public knowledge, policies stand a chance of being created to responsibly advance society’s needs.

This project is currently in production and in need of completion funding.


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