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The Maine Masters Project
In Development: Yvonne Jacquette

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Yvonne Jacquette: Maine Master – is a portrait of an aerial artist.

Often hiring a small plane in Maine or traveling on commercial flights in order to portray a city at night, Jacquette takes photographs and makes sketches, often in pastel.

This film follows her as she flies high above Isle au Haut photographing and sketching in pastel the coves that catch her eye.

“I look for color excitement; the contrast between what most of it is and something else—a pink or yellow maybe.”

Using a hybrid impressionist/pointillist technique, Jacquette uses a multitude of short brushstrokes to create her visions from on high.

“It is not the Pointillists she most resembles,” art critic Vincent Katz stated, “but Monet or Sisley, who painted grand urban vistas, seen from afar, as if taking a step back to say to an impressed companion, ‘There, that’s modernity for you!’”

Jacquette is also interviewed high above Time Square where she painted her famous triptych.

This project is seeking completion funds. Produced and photographed by Richard Kane.

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