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The Maine Masters Project
In Development: Beverly Hallam

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To support the completion of this project, please email Richard Kane or call 207-359-2320.

Video to be posted shortly

Beverly Hallam: Maine Master – photographer, painter, teacher, Hallam popularized the use of acrylics giving her first lecture on polyvinyl acetate at Syracuse University in 1953.

Amongst acrylic’s earliest pioneers, Hallam continued to demonstrate her experimenting and inventive mind making groundbreaking strides in the use of the airbrush which resulted in an acclaimed series of flower paintings.

Today, well into her 80s, Hallam creates stunning computer art generated from various software. Her lack of aversion to risk taking and her child-like sense of wonder and joy in creating art makes her an extraordinary example for young artists. Hallam lives in York, Maine.

This project is currently in production and in need of completion funding. Produced and photographed by Richard Kane.

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