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Projects In Development Seeking Funds: Stanislov Grof Art and Human Consciousness
History of the Project and Its Funding

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Stanislov Grof
Art and Human Consciousness
is a film about this brilliant psychoanalyst and his study of the creative mind as a window on human consciousness.

Production funds were contributed by many individuals to the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) enabling Richard Kane to document an historic event in Gruyere, Switzerland where Stanislav Grof visited famed artist Hansruidi Giger at his H. R. Giger Museum and conducted workshops and conversations with Giger, Albert Hofmann (Swiss discoverer of LSD), and author Tav Sparks.

Giger’s “fantastic” art fascinates Grof for its psychosexual, mechanoid depictions of the perinatal stage of child birth – a cornerstone of Grof’s ideas. Giger is known most for the design of his Alien character for which he earned an Academy Award. Grof’s study of non-ordinary states of consciousness and their impact on creative problem solving and the making of art is ground breaking.

In the film conversations ensue between Grof and Albert Hofmann. Grof first gained fame in the 1950s having conducted more clinical studies with LSD than anyone before or since – and later his co-discovery of an alternative approach to amplifying psychological processes through Holotropic Breathwork. These altered states have caused life-changing, transcendent experiences, and in many ways revolutionized the scientific study of the human mind.

According to Joseph Campbell: “others working in this field will find Dr. Grof’s discoveries a basis for a whole new strategy of research.”

The impact of this film on the study of art and human consciousness will significantly contribute to an understanding of the minds’s drive to be creative. Funding is sought to complete this one hour documentary.

The conversation between Stanislav Grof, Albert Hofmann and Tav Sparks, with an appearance by Hansruidi Giger is available on DVD. Click here to learn more.


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