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Stephen Pace: Maine Master

August 31, 2009

Stephen Pace: Maine Master
is part of a series of documentaries about Maine artists. Pace, who spent extended summers in the fishing village of Stonington, Maine, spent 50 years as a second generation abstract expressionist in New York after WWII where he met Gertrude Stein and Pablo Picasso. On the GI Bill in Mexico he met and became a protégé of American painter Milton Avery. Upon moving to New York City he found himself in the swim of the art world making friends with Franz Kline, Jackson Pollack, and Hans Hofmann amongst others. The Whitney Museum accepted his work in their Biennials seven times.

This film chronicles Pace and his wife Pam’s last days in Maine closing his studio and summer home while being celebrated by neighbors and the community that loved them most.

Film Details
Director: Richard Kane
Writer: Richard Kane
Year of Release: 2008
Language: English
Running Time: 29
New England Connection:
Richard Kane brought his company Kane-Lewis Productions to Maine in 1998 and is currently the chair of
the Maine Film & Video Association.

Director(s) Bio:
Richard Kane’s second film Tough, Pretty or Smart won best documentary at the Cork International Film Festival (1981) and went on to the Academy Awards. He later freelanced for National Geographic, Discovery, CBS, and the Kennedy Center where he directed many arts-in-education videos and for the White House Technology Office where he directed a short narrated by President Bill Clinton. In 1998, he won a Cine Golden Eagle for Faces of Microcredit a series on global women entrepreneurs. He moved his company Kane-Lewis Productions to Maine in 1998 and released an indy documentary M.C. Richards: The Fire Within selected for eight international festivals. He currently directs Maine Masters a series on artists now in its eleventh episode; is producing a documentary on the 50th anniversary of the Natural Resources Council of Maine; and ROCK SOLID: The Schoodic International Sculpture Symposium. Richard is the chair of the Maine Film & Video Association.

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